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Puppy Curriculum

We follow the BAB curriculum guide. This curriculum focuses on the exposure and socialization of puppies. Insuring that we produce confident and well adjusted puppies that will thrive in any home. This program follows the developmental stages as the puppies grow. We start at just 3 days old and continue until you bring them home. We provide you with a strong foundation and offer you guidance and support to continue what we have started.  

Please read on for more detailed information on the curriculum.


3-13 Days old

Early Neurological Stimulation

Improves cardiovascular performance

Strengthens the heart and adrenal glands

Increases stress tolerance and resistance to disease

Early Sent Introduction

Increases nose awareness and confidence


Transitional Period
14-27 Days Old

Noise Exposure

Handling Exercises

Designated Potty Area

Gentle and safe exposure item within the whelping box

Group Crate Exposure


Socialization Period
28-34 Days Old

Expand Space

Noise Exposure

Increased Handling Exercises

Exposure Activities: Movement, Texture, and Size

Individual Crate Exposure


Problem Solving
35-41 Days Old

Noise Exposure

Increased Handling Excursuses

Exposure Activities: in, around, over, under, new spaces, and things with wheels.

Individual Crate Exposure


Temperament Traits
42-56 Days Old

Noise Exposure

Increased Handling Exercises

Exposure Activities: Brain games, water play, car rides, and other dogs.

Individual Crate Exposure


Puppy Evaluations
50-60 Days Old

Puppy evaluations tell us each puppies temperament traits. This helps us place them with their ideal family. These temperament traits include: Assertiveness, Confidence, Motivation, Resilience, Energy Level, Touch Tolerance, Prey Drive, Sound Sensitivity, Human Focus, Sight Sensitivity, and Tenderhearted.

Additional Training and Exposure

Introduction to

Potty Training

Walking on a leash

Crate Training


Sound Exposure



Monster Trucks

Dirt Bikes


Power Tools



Children Yelling

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