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My name is Kass Olson

I am Bonnie's person. I am a stay at home boy Momma and homeschool teacher. We are always out on some kind of adventure with Bonnie by our side.

When we started this journey we hoped to relieve my husband from some of his financial responsibilities so he could spend more time at home while our boys are still young. This became a team effort and quickly went from a dream to a hobby and then to a passion. I had no idea the amount of joy and purpose this would bring to our lives. I am thankful everyday that my boys get to learn hard work, responsibility, determination, and how to nurture.

Join us on this Golden Adventure!


Breeder Education

I completed multiple online breeding courses through Midwoofery

Fertility and Timing Badge
Whelping Bagde
Neursing and Weaning Badge
Litter Care Badge
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